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21 Glenstrae Road. Architect Unknown.

Designed in the 1960′s, this two bedroom Redcliffs home still looks a million bucks. Auctioned earlier this year by Harcourts, the new owners have done the right thing and removed the bright blue balcony blinds. As you drive along Main Rd make sure you wave a thank you.

The design quite clearly *cough* references Harry Seidler’s Meller House in Sydney and Mervyn Seal’s Butterfly Houses in Devon.

8 Responses to “21 Glenstrae Road. Architect Unknown.”

  1. burrowes Says:

    Thank god for the removal of the shocking blue blinds – I was always under the impression this bad boy was much newer than it is.

  2. crockett Says:

    i wish i had brought them to use as tarpulins. We should put a nice flyer in these guys letterbox to say – great service to the drivers into sumner – we appreciate it.

  3. Lana Says:

    We used to call the butterlfy house as kids.

  4. Chris Moxey Says:

    These are beauiful – and yes, very much like the Mervin Seal houses here in the UK. They feature on his website: http://mervynseal.com/MervynSeal/60%27s%20House%20design.htmlhouses.

    I love ‘butterfly’ houses, so very excited to read about these tow in New Zealand and Australia. Thanks!

  5. Tim Says:

    Correction of link http://mervynseal.com/MervynSeal/60%27s%20House%20design.html

  6. Chris Moxey Says:

    Whoops! Thank you, Tim.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Today I glanced up the hill and was saddened to see this home gone. My favourite Chch hill home a victim of the quakes.

  8. James Says:

    The owner was John Pascoe the musician… a friend of mine… & like u all I loved the house :-) I believe the design was by Bruce Banbury a Christchurch NZ based architect. Other photos are on his website u could google.

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