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18 Aranoni Track. Rita Angus House. Paul Pascoe.

This unfinished sketch shows Rita Angus’s home her father bought the house for her in 1943.

The cottage sat high on Clifton Hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Paul Pascoe designed it with large windows, a flat roof, and a sunny brick-paved terrace. It was a sanctuary for Angus and remained her home until 1954.

In 1943 her father, concerned at her hand to mouth existence, purchased a cottage for her at 18 Aranoni Track on Clifton Hill above Sumner. This was her base in Christchurch until she left the city permanently in 1954. The cottage had been built in the late 1930s by the architect Paul Pascoe for his own use. It had a simple modernist design with a low pitched flat roof, big windows and a sunny terrace making the most of the ocean views.

The artist’s cottage, Clifton circa 1945 watercolour and pencil, 240 x 273 mm Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, on loan from the Rita Angus Estate.

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