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18 Butler Street. Maurice Mahoney.

Truly a home that reflect its surroundings, this severe glass and steel box blends surprisingly well into the landscape. It must feel quite exhibitionist on the inside and has the feel of Philip Johnson in mirrored sunglasses.

8 Responses to “18 Butler Street. Maurice Mahoney.”

  1. Mike Says:

    What era would this be built in?

  2. admin Says:

    Mike, we’d love to know ourselves. I can date the trampoline back to 1996.

  3. Cheryl Bernstein Says:

    Pretty sure it’s Maurice Mahoney from Warren and Mahoney. Late 80s?

  4. Nigel Mahoney Says:

    Yes, it is a Maurice Mahoney, built for my wife and me in 1987. It is a light timber frame and ply construction, clad with reflective glass stuck to aluminium box section, so not an exhibitionists home really! (however we did get married on the roof…)

  5. admin Says:

    Looks like Callum Morton borrowed the idea for his Grotto exhibition, Netherlands 2009.
    Callum Morton

  6. callum Says:


    think i’d prefer a laxative

  7. Jason Whiteley Says:


    Is it possible to get plans, sections, elevations for this? It seems amazing, although the inside face of the timber fence is not the most beautiful surface in the world. Are there plans to develop the gardens?

    Kind regards,


  8. Tim Says:

    Hi, I worked on this house in 2010 where we extended it back towards Hansen park.
    We also stripped the ply and Butynol roof and re roofed it.
    These photos were taken before hand. It survived both earthquakes.
    Kind regards.

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