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4 Gunns Cr. Ross W T Fielding House. Charles R Thomas.

A lovely home for builder Ross Fielding. Originally the garage was open and accentuated the sculptural roof which folds down over the sides of the house and rests lightly on the exterior walls.

Charles Thomas was the designer of the NZIA award winning Catholic Church in Sockburn.

2 Responses to “4 Gunns Cr. Ross W T Fielding House. Charles R Thomas.”

  1. haden Says:

    There are another 2 x Charles Thomas Homes on Gunns Cres sim to this-drectly opp. is a W&M 2 story exposed masonry house with pool/pool house, another large elongated Miles Pixie above on the hill and then the wackey butterfly roofed house by Charles Thomas around the corner on 18 Holliss Ave (a Don D.is next to it and them another Miles pixie) which he did the same year as the Sockburn Church-take a look in Glamis Place just down Holliss-lots more worth a look at-its everywhere!

  2. brian and betty hazeldine Says:

    We have owned this beautiful home for 20 years and it is a sheer delight for us. The sun reaches every room throughout the day and a wonderful garden view is seen from every window. It has privacy and plenty of space inside ..a wonderful home and restful to live in..we are very proud of our home and garden. A wonderful design by charles thomas.

    We are very happy to see our home on this site and have sent this photo of the entrance way.


    Dining room, kitchen to left and entrance through door way and laundry bathrooms toilets to right of hall


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