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58 Colenso St. Piano House. Paul Pascoe

Everyone loves this house down in Sumner, including us. It’s built on an awfully narrow block, but cleverly uses open plan living on the upper level to make the most of the space and view – unheard of in 1945. Originally filled with Garth Chester plywood furniture, which Pascoe admired, the house has been nicely updated over the years and still stands out for all the good reasons.

Originally the ground level was painted a darker colour to give the first floor the appearance of ‘floating’.

5 Responses to “58 Colenso St. Piano House. Paul Pascoe”

  1. crockett Says:

    if you look at this house from above it on the hill it takes on a whole new shape…it’s a strange angle and while it looks beautiful from the flat from above it looks like a state house with a box chucked hastily on the front. I’ll send you a pic and see what you reckon. yes the frontage looks good – but is it a case of lipstick on a girl that smells of old cheese?

  2. crockett Says:

  3. admin Says:

    Paul Pascoes Profile has been updated.

  4. Mathew Sanders Says:

    Wow, this is pretty forward thinking for the 1940s – Great concept and amazing execution!

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