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5a Snowdon Rd. Forbes House. Warren & Mahoney.

Designed in 1976 for a wealthy builder, the Forbes House is arguably the grandest of Warren & Mahoney’s residential buildings of the time. The house is formidable: raw, exposed concrete beams dominate, yet it’s elegant and totally cool.

There’s been some interior un-design over subsequent years, but nothing that can’t be fixed. A good house for a 70s era Playboy party.

3 Responses to “5a Snowdon Rd. Forbes House. Warren & Mahoney.”

  1. blake Says:

    Easily one of the nicest pads in ChCh. Unbelievable in fact. Look at those big monster slabs of grey marle just smashing their way through the sky.
    I dare you to take a little paddle down the Waiwetu Stream one day and have a look in…..on second thoughts don’t – word is the owners have filled in the pool with concrete. Superb.

  2. John A F Hopkins Says:

    Attempted to buy this house once: one of Warren’s best, and in a lovely site on the river where I spent many happy hours canoeing as a child. Hope the above comment about the pool is mistaken–it would certainly be a shame.

  3. admin Says:

    The pool survives, albeit fenced in now due to regs.

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