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52 Moncks Spur Rd. James Hanna.

Great looking, original 1970s house that seems to do it all pretty well. The eye-catching sawtooth roof creates lots of open space and light and the centrepiece stone fireplace oozes mid-century cool.

3 Responses to “52 Moncks Spur Rd. James Hanna.”

  1. R L Smith Says:

    The house next to this (I believe it’s #56) is a beautiful but tiny 2 bedroom Don Donnithorne design – very understated but exquisite!

  2. T J Grenon Says:

    R L Smith is correct. I grew up at #58 and loved both houses at 52 & 56. This house is a fantastic 3-level solution to a very difficult site. I loved the way that this house hugs the landform and integrates with the garden, originally designed by the original co-owner. Lower levels are of ‘pole house’ construction – pretty new to local thinking at the time. Allowance was made for a cast-insitu concrete bomb shelter between the two lower levels. The original roofing was painted in a bright yellow, accentuating the saw-tooth. This however, seemed to blend at the time, with the large Bird of Paridise plants around entry points to the house.

  3. Stan Says:

    Hello from #56 – we’ve been here since 2007. Some earthquake damage but it’s still standing, despite many of the houses on this part of Moncks Spur having been demolished. We are in the process of returning it to its former equisiteness!

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