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219 Memorial Ave. Cowey and McGregor.

Another 1960s gem from the pencil of Don Cowey that demonstrates his skill and versatility as a designer. The home appears flat-roofed at a glance, but the steep pitch of the central living room roof and red brick chimney add vertical presence.

4 Responses to “219 Memorial Ave. Cowey and McGregor.”

  1. Haden Says:

    Great pics-they did a reno on this 2 years ago and unfortunatley painted all the exposed timber which was black cedar +.
    They added the capped columns erk! around those 2 x posts at the carport entry and the planters either side otherwise left original.
    The internal gable with central brick chim. is a great volume.

  2. Harry Says:


    Thanks for your comment. Just thought I had better set the record straight. I have owned 219 Memorial Ave for 6 years now, and the ‘black cedar” was actually painted poo-brown well before we bought it. I would have dearly loved to have the original timber surface in a weathered state but we had to re-paint and the colour we choose was to try and get close to waht the cedar would have weathered to (and that wouldn’t be black!!).

    We didn’t add the columns either, and in fact there are a number of tacky little numbers (e.g. summerhill stone columns!!) that we have removed or have plastered over.

    I had the original builder round the other day and got the run down on what the house was like originally.

    Great site this. We had no idea our house had been photographed!!

  3. admin Says:

    Harry, lovely house and thanks for the clarification.

  4. Zoe Says:

    Great photos. Would it be possible to have some photos taken of the interior? My bicycle commute takes me past and I’ve been as to what’s inside…or maybe i’ll just know on the door oneday.

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