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24 Whitewash Head Rd. Stewart Minson.

A Home & Building award winner in 1947 and pleasingly intact. Houses like this are disappearing faster than you can say “recessed halogen downlights”.

4 Responses to “24 Whitewash Head Rd. Stewart Minson.”

  1. Aleesha Towns Says:

    I’ll take this one!!! Beautifully done.

    Is this one of the homes that there is a large set of stairs from the street to get to it?

  2. admin Says:

    Yup, a long path and steps up from the street. Unfortunately, as it the way with these things, a subsequent renovation has removed the appeal of the original home. A real shame.

  3. Jennifer Oldfield Says:

    This was my grandparents house. I believe my grandfather Bill Ferguson helped build it. They added an upstairs extension in the early 1980s. They lived in it all their married lives and bought up three children there. The house was sold after they both died. I wonder what the new owners did to it? I have many happy memories of my time there. My grandfather always said it was the best house in the world.

  4. Duncan Craig Says:

    Its for sale


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