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9 Balmoral Ln. David Allen.

Nice little number overlooking the estuary using offset roof pitch and light / dark contrast of materials to accentuate the geometric lines.

6 Responses to “9 Balmoral Ln. David Allen.”

  1. Peter Beaven Says:

    I think this house was by Vial & Bellaby and a good one. Sits gently on the ravaged hill and just below one I did.

  2. admin Says:

    Peter, welcome to the internet, it’s an honour to have you. We’ll definitely seek out your design on Balmoral Lane, Stay tuned.

  3. Matthew Says:

    The house is now a right off but will be replaced (permission permitting!). FYI the original plans were by David Allen.

  4. David Allen Says:

    Hi Peter, pitty your house above mine leaked like a sieve!

  5. Pip Says:

    This is our house. Unfortunately the February Earthquake has made it uninhabitable and it will be demolished. It was a wonderful home and took full advantage of the site. It was actually built in the early 70′s. We have all the original plans and hope to rebuild something similar (but a little more Earthquake proof!)

  6. John HOPKINS Says:

    Very curious to know what happened in the big quakes to the glassy Beaven house just above this one. I liked that house so much as a boy–also having been introduced to Peter–that my father finally caved in and bought a triangular piece of land on Balmoral Hill. Pity he never built on it, and sold a few years later!

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