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19 Main Rd. Architect Unknown.

Unpainted concrete block is back in fashion, but it’s rare to see an original 70s home that’s avoided a Tuscan-themed makeover with aluminium joinery conservatory and alfresco deck & hot tub addition.


3 Responses to “19 Main Rd. Architect Unknown.”

  1. jonathan Says:

    recently demolished but i believe may have been a hall and mackenzie number…?

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Jono, the earthquake wasn’t so kind to this one.
    19 Main Rd Redcliffs, post-earthquake

  3. Jane Boyd Says:

    This house belonged to my Uncle and Aunt. It was a Griffiths, Moffat and Partners home. George Griffiths was my Uncles brother. Unfortunately it did suffer in the earthquake and had to be demolished but it had nothing to do with the construction as you can see the chimney stayed standing like this for months before we had to get it taken down as a precaution. Part of the house was sitting on rock which moved in the quake and this caused the damage. Such a shame.

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