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3 Ferrymead Tce. Kiddey House. Stewart Minson.

Overlooking the Ferrymead Bridge and set on a steep site, this pleasingly original vertical weatherboard home is an unusual parallelogram shape to fit the precipitous platform on which it snugly perches. It’s green paint and brown cedar cladding camouflage the home well against the hillside.

3 Responses to “3 Ferrymead Tce. Kiddey House. Stewart Minson.”

  1. Kate Hastings Says:

    Hello this house currently belongs to my mother. The address is actually 3 Ferrymead Terrace. The house and retaining walls have been substantially damaged in the earthquakes and we are awaiting news on the outcome.

  2. connors Says:

    I have since purchased this house which has been beautifully repaired and the house has largely been repaired to the initial status minus the fireplaces, but the retaining walls are good. The downstairs room has been made into a further bedroom, but the bones of the house are still very much there -a gorgeous house for the period that it was built in and it still looks great for the current period. Again like his other houses it has been well sited for weather deflection on the site.

  3. Jackie Hunter-Letham Says:

    Hi, Stewart Minson was my grandfather. So pleased that the house was repaired, and that there are still some fine examples of his work after the devastation of the earthquake.

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