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19 Cannon Hill Cr. J R Tye House. Warren & Mahoney.

Mar 09, 2010

Houses like this very early S’Miles design are an interesting case. A large L-shaped addition and some silly alterations have it poised precariously awaiting either restoration or obliteration. It would have originally been a beautifully proportioned, small house, but are there people willing to spend the time and money to restore the building to the way it should be? Please raise your hands.

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46 Hawford Rd. Architect’s House. Peter Whiteside.

Mar 07, 2010

Sometimes it’s the little known houses and designers that make for the happy surprises. This is sweet little, original 60s house set off the street in a beautiful rambling native garden. The mix of weatherboard and concrete block is a bit Foot in Each Camp, but overall the design stands up very well.

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29 Parklands Dr. James Hanna.

Mar 07, 2010

Arguably the city’s craziest house, a stray shuttlecock, dropped from the sky amidst a street of brick and tile sameness. The level changes are many and it’s a fair assumption that the same architect(s) had a hand in the nearby St Martins Adventist church which displays similar Corbusian flair.

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