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297 Cannon Hill Cr. AR (Ron) George

Oct 31, 2010

Underneath the pergola, rooftop solar panels and various TV aerials might just be a very nicely designed home sitting up on top of Mount Pleasant. It would be good to see it without the ‘flair’ and was originally designed by Ron George for himself.

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155 Ashgrove Tce. Architect Unknown.

Oct 27, 2010

Rover parking only in this 1970s mix of Japanese, Scandinavian and Christchurch influences on the Cashmere flats. And if you want a chimney that laughs in the face of earthquakes, here’s your guy.

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5 Karitane Pl. Thomson House. Warren & Mahoney.

Oct 09, 2010

The story goes that Mrs Thomson participated in a ‘House and Garden’ course in 1966. One of the speakers was a young Miles Warren who made quite an impression and two years later designed this ‘English cottage’ for the young couple. Inside it’s by far the best preserved of the 1960s W&M houses and features pyramidal timber ceilings; split level living and a great fairface concrete fireplace. The nice garage studio was later added by David Brocherie.

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