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W&M earthquake casualties

These are the facts: many of Christchurch’s post-war modernist buildings are badly damaged and will be demolished. Warren & Mahoney’s 1960s houses defined the Christchurch Style and a lot of them are poked:

ME Mahoney House (the best Pixie house) – badly subsided and cracked

MJW Davis House (the best hill house) – irreparably damaged

I Munro House – blockwork veneer missing and cracks evident

Dorset Street Flats (the original) – walls down and red stickered

Carlton Mill Flats – Collapsed and already demolished

MB Warren House (the first Pixie) – slumped and badly cracked

LJ Beatty House - blockwork veneer missing

Broderick Flats – red stickered, chimneys down


7 Responses to “W&M earthquake casualties”

  1. Paul Litterick Says:

    As you say, arse. At the very least, the Dorset Street Flats should be restored. They are too important and too beautiful to let go.

  2. Matt Says:

    So sorry to see some of these classic designs damaged and destroyed. Hopefully some are not uneconomic to fix . As some appear to be block veneer, rather than reinforced concrete block, I assume that structurally some of them are ok, and they look worse than they are. Unfortunately I think that some of Chch heritage buildings will be demolished prematurely, due to emotion, and it sounds like the earthquake minister isn’t a fan of heritage building.

  3. Eye of the Fish | A wide-angle view of architecture, urban design and life in Wellington Says:

    [...] crews, is that Christchurch may be left with a plethora of painfully dull and bland buildings. Many of the nice modern ones have bit the dust as well, although there’s no doubt the ugly crap of the world, like Harvey [...]

  4. Justin Says:

    The Davis house was demolished last week. Insert sad face thing here.

  5. simon Says:

    The Dorset Towers has also been red stickered as well :( The second block of the Dorset Flats look like they may be OK – the walls are down, but each flat has been green stickered.

  6. Ben Says:

    On a positive note the townhouses in Office road took it all and are in fantastic condition

  7. Gee Says:

    Sadly, MB Warren House has also been demolished.

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