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The (almost) definitive W&M pics.

Since that bastard earthquake local architect Justin has photographed pretty much all of the pre-1980 Christchurch W&M houses. He tells us the missing ones are RC Ballantyne (back section on Glandovey Rd), Hyslop flats, Fox House, Dorset Flats, Dorset Towers and Weston Flats (within the restricted CBD cordon). Quite an effort!

9 Responses to “The (almost) definitive W&M pics.”

  1. Matt Says:

    Good to see most appear to be intact. Looks like most damage is those old block veneer walls, which weren’t tied to the frame, which is now required under the building act. I would expect that that would be repairable, as they are non structural.

  2. pablito Says:

    some of this stuff can be fixed and should be fixed. This is fantastic early NZ modern work and replacing it with a 2011 building would be a shame. These are prime examples of early WAM craft prior to moving up in scale and this handywork now no longer available.

  3. Ben Says:

    Hi Good to see a lot are in good shape although my Townhouses are missing at 100 Office Road Merivale
    Regards Ben

  4. Catherine Drayton Says:

    I really admire your dedication to these wonderful buildings.

  5. Nigel Mahoney Says:

    8 Pentlow Place is quite damaged… it sits on land close to the Wairarapa Stream which has subsided substantially – the section sunk over 400mm from one end to the other. Those beautiful chimneys have now gone and have been replaced with braced flues. Daylight can be seen through wall joins and Maurice and Margaret had to make do with no toilet for nearly a year (Maurice turned 83 in Jan). They are still living there and are awaiting EQC go-ahead to rebuild – yes, sadly it has to come down. It has been a struggle for them both and in my opinion it’s a shame that the firm haven’t helped out the old man during this time while they continue to use his name…

  6. andy murray Says:

    how about a trip past 7 Andover St? all townhouses blew the block veneer, but have been engineered by Structex and strengthened to meet code in a 2 year operation. colours returned to W and M spec ( minus the brown roof!)

  7. Joel Says:

    Does anyone know where those Forestville securities flats are? They look fantastic, and in reasonable nick! Hope they’ve survived

  8. admin Says:

    Joel, they’re standing stout at 11 Ranfurly St.

  9. Ed Says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but where are (were?) the Weston flats located?

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