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68B Creyke Rd. Prof. Kerr House. Warren & Mahoney.

This particular house is noteworthy more for it’s owner than architect. Professor Roy Kerr commissioned this house after returning to New Zealand in 1972. Kerr is a super-scientist, recipient of the Rutherford Medal and the subject of the semi-biographical book Cracking the Einstein Code. That aside, he had a pretty sweet house that’s subsequently been furnished like a cheap motel.

3 Responses to “68B Creyke Rd. Prof. Kerr House. Warren & Mahoney.”

  1. Justin Says:

    Great to see the inside of this one. I’ve only got as far as having a peep at the outside.

  2. robin Kerr Says:

    I lived /grew up here. After viewing post quake there are a mixture of some original features as well as some poor alterations. The bathroom off the master bedroom is original in its fittings. This same style used to be in the other bathroom. The tiles in the entrance and hall also extend through the dining room/kitchen. There was a clear indoor/outdoor sense. I believe the tiles are under the carpet.
    The kitchen had rimu uprights /chunky bench and rimu shelving facing dining room. Hopefully someone will restore the original simple beauty

  3. admin Says:

    Robin, we agree, it would be great to see the old girl restored, especially given a lot of the old W&M houses are being knocked over. The U-shaped courtyard is lovely and the bones are there. If someone paints that timber ceiling white, they deserve herpes.

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