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264A Waimairi Rd. Peter Beaven.

It’s a lot of brown, but if you don’t mind the colour this is a very original 1960s home from the never-dull Peter Beaven, arguably still one of Christchurch’s best young architects.

One Response to “264A Waimairi Rd. Peter Beaven.”

  1. krista ringrose Says:

    I stumbled across this website after googling nz concrete block houses! What a find I am from Whangarei (Northland) and am so jealous of the gorgeous architecture featured on here from Christchurch especially over the 1960′s to 1970′s houses shown in here! ugghh this is where I will come to dream about our next house purchase and if by chance we get to build the inspiration here is beyond any of the shitty brick ‘lifestyler’ houses you see built en masse nowadays. This just makes me want to give up my job and become an architect this is absolutely intoxicating! p.s we are still on our first house a 1950′s brick and tile state house looking design and I’m so taken with it, the beauty in the materials available back then was crazy.

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