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216 Centaurus Rd. Tony Athfield House. Ian Athfield.

Hiding right under our noses is this very early Athfield design, now heavily disguised as a shitty, faux-Med house. Sketched for his brother in 1963 whilst Ath was studying in Auckland, to see it today, painted yellow with a second storey and portico causes acute intestinal gas.

The house is mentioned in Julia Gatley’s book Athfield Architects:

Concurrent with his university work, Athfield produced sketch designs from Auckland but did not have time to do anything more and Tony used the Canterbury Draughting & Design Service for the developed design and working drawings. Some changes were made to the initial design before construction started.

A separate studio (Tony is a musician and photographer) was designed by Ath and built out back in 1975. Still there?

7 Responses to “216 Centaurus Rd. Tony Athfield House. Ian Athfield.”

  1. Geraldine Says:


    As a child I lived around the corner from this house on the other side of Huntsbury Hill in a Warren & Mahoney house (21 Parklands Drive). We often visited this house and I remember how much it looked like our house (brutal modern architecture). I also remember the hellish drive up to the house! I used to walk past your house everyday on the way to school.

    We also visited with the owners of the other Ian Athfield house, just around the corner from Huntsbury Hill, on St Martins Road (on the bend). My best friend lived at the other end of St Martins Road in either a Beaven or Athfield designed house. It’s great to see this house, our old house and the Jones’ Athfield house in St Martins Road being restored and loved again.

    Good on you. So many of these house have suffered in the quakes and many are gone for good. We absolutely have to save as many as we can.

    Just thought that you might like to know that a kid who was in your house in the 70s remembers the place as it was, and is looking forward to seeing it restored

    P.S. I now live in a Darren O’Neil of O’Neil Architecture house in Rolleston. When you have only known good design, it’s hard to go back! Good luck. Geri

  2. Tanya Shorter (Athfield) Says:

    I spent the first twelve years of my life growing up in this house, and have a range of very fond memories. I visited it last Easter–hoping that the owners might give me a quick guided tour, but they weren’t home. (Maybe another time.)

  3. Stace Says:

    I happend to think it’s a lovely property and one I’ve come to enjoy living in for over a decade now. Pity it may become a red zone in the next few weeks due to EQ damage… We will likely lose hundreds of thousands of dollars by the sound of it like so many other poor sods. However I’m sure you will find pleasure in seeing it’s demise from what I read above.

    Signed Owner.

  4. Happy Living Everyone Says:

    Three generations of my family live in this house.

    I had just landed & the only one home at the time the first earthquake hit. From the kitchen, I could see out above the city and the chimneys & rooves that had collapsed inside other houses below. The person describes this as a heavily disquised shit house but this house like our city, continues to be loved and cared for – regardless of the damage that it has suffered.

    FYI Did you know: Acute intestinal gas is caused when its illegal to trespass and take photos of a family’s home without the permission of the family that lives there… True story.

  5. admin Says:

    Stace & Happy,
    This is a blog about architecture and architecturally speaking, your house is a bit shit. But I don’t want to see it knocked down, it’s your home and I sincerely hope it can be saved.

    P.S. The photos are from a Harcourts real estate listing.

  6. Edd Says:

    Shit sums it up.

    It’s always sad to see a great house ‘renovated’ beyond recognition and it’s original design.
    Sometime’s it’s more dignified to pull it down then bastardise it.

    Love your work CM

  7. Tony Willans Says:

    Hello Tanya Shorter (Athfield) we were at school together. Standard one I think. I had a huge crush on you. Anyway, always thought your house at 216 was kind of like something from the future like Thunderbirds or something. I could only see part of the house from the street but it looked like an exciting place to live. I always wanted to come up the drive to see the rest (and ‘accidently’ bump into you of course) but only got quarter way before getting cold feet. I was horrified when I saw the additions to the house, must have been in the early nineties I think. Philistines was the word that came to mind. Would love to see it restored to former glory. Hope you are well often wondered if you were related to Ian Athfield.

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