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20 Connolly St Geraldine. Stafford House. Beaven & Heaney.

After returning from Japan, and prior to moving back to Christchurch in 1956, Peter was in partnership with Robert A. Heaney in Timaru. This is the first house we’ve seen of the partnership – they were recent graduates and mostly designed woolstores – and places it as early-to-mid 1950s.

Thanks to Peter Rush for the submission, and in his own words:
The house is mostly in original condition but the kitchen joinery has been replaced. All other joinery is still there. The house has been painted, there is evidence that originally all the internal / external western red cedar boards and oregon beams were unpainted. The fireplace brickwork was also originally unpainted.
The house is beautifully sited on a double corner block. The house has been pushed to the rear southern boundary and designed so that the bedrooms, kitchen and living space open to the garden and the sun. Magnificent, perfect!
I think it’s a rare complete design, thoughtful planning, passive solar design and beautiful spaces. Great site planning.

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