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45 Chepstow Ave. Willis House. Gavin Willis.

Gavin Francis Willis is an architect still active in Christchurch. He designed this beautiful house for himself back in the 60s and still lives here (and who can blame him). It’s a crisp, modernist Scandinavian-style family home, clearly much-loved and an excellent, intact expression of the Christchurch Style.┬áThe design owes a lot to Miles Warren and Holger Henning Hansen, but if you’re going to steal, you may as well steal from the best.

3 Responses to “45 Chepstow Ave. Willis House. Gavin Willis.”

  1. admin Says:

    And it’s for sale http://www.cowdy.co.nz/residential/fendalton/cc100898/fendalton-enduring-architecture

  2. Steve Willis Says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t call it a copy nor would Dad. He did his own time in the UK and toured through Scandinavia in the late 1950s. Dad wasn’t quite the architect that his Dad was but it’s of some pride to say his considerable volume of work is all still intact after all the shakey business.

    The other house worth a look – save for all the unsympathetic garden ‘design’ is the one he did for his in-laws, my grandparents, 39 Waiwetu St. there are some pics up after it’s sale not too long ago.

    Amongst other things Dad also published a pocket book on Chch architecture as a walking guide in 2005 which probably now has a different use- more as a memorial to so many lost gems.

    Love your work on the site, would make a great coffee table book.

  3. Christopher Ludeke Says:

    I purchased a home by designed by Gavin Willis at 4 Lady Polson Lane Cashmere .

    He positioned this timber house to make use of the sweeping view of the Alps . The house he designed works well , sunny and protected from the cold east wind.

    Gavin Willis was the wrote the book on Christchurch architecture studied by students of architecture today – its become important an reference source after the earthquake as he documented many of the Christchurch’s city buildings now lost in the earthquake .

    Christopher Ludeke

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