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Conway Flats. Wilding Farmhouse. R D Harman.

Huh? A 1937 reinforced concrete farmhouse with clear Corbusian and Bauhaus influences, hidden on the coast south of Kaikora? The Wilding property, now an Angus beef farmstead called Te Mania, was built by some pretty hip graziers.

Thanks to Tim for the tip. Old pic by Peter Sheppard

Not sure about the design architect as Richard Harman died in 1927.

5 Responses to “Conway Flats. Wilding Farmhouse. R D Harman.”

  1. Tim Hogan Says:

    Richard Strachan De Renzy Harman died 1953

  2. Peter Shep Says:

    Thanks CM.
    Good to see.
    Sorry most of my Christchurch early modern are old mouldy slides not online :-(
    There is this one of Miles’ parent’s house I took among many about 1963:
    P :-)
    [If links not alive for you, copy complete and paste into browser.]

  3. admin Says:

    Great stuff Pete, thanks. Sadly, Miles’ parents house was demolished a couple of years back.

  4. Mark Graham Says:

    Hi there
    Do you know if the home survived the recent earthquake?

  5. Frank Dowle Says:

    I can confirm that the Wilding homestead at Conway flat did survive the earthquakes, quite well by all accounts.

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