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299 Lake Terrace Rd. Peter Beaven.

Interesting. An early Peter Beaven design -prior to his Scandinavian phase and long before his  jaunty ‘gothic’ modernism –  uncharacteristically riffing off the international style with a flat roof and living room wall of glass. Sweet, original condition too.

5 Responses to “299 Lake Terrace Rd. Peter Beaven.”

  1. Dale Mooyman Says:

    We have recently purchased this property and would like to get some advice about refreshing it whilst retaining all the original features, which we love. Any information about who to approach would be greatly appreciated.

  2. admin Says:

    Congratulations! I’d definitely recommend contacting an architect to help and the NZIA will be able to point you in the right direction.

  3. Chrissy Irvine Says:

    I drove past this house just last week, and it really caught my eye! This is my first visit to this website as I’m trying to figure out who might’ve designed some units in Merivale that a friend has just moved into. Anyway, lovely to see this house featured. Best of luck to the new owners, I’m a bit jealous to say the least!

  4. Justin Leadbetter Says:


    We’d love to work with you on this house.

    Give us a call.

    Justin Leadbetter
    Leadbetter Carr Architects
    03 377 1210

  5. Ellen Says:

    I often drive past this house and it always catches my eye. A lovely home on a lovely street.

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