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15a Garden Rd. Peter Beaven.

Oh dear. This abandoned, sad-looking orphan was once a striking, modern home with a mix of vertical and horizontal timber weatherboards and a great big Oamaru stone fireplace at its heart. C’mon, look into those big, pleading eyes (or windows) and say it’s not worth saving!?

2 Responses to “15a Garden Rd. Peter Beaven.”

  1. James G Says:

    Hi there,

    Long time reader of this blog, first time poster!

    15a Garden Rd was built for my Grandfather, Mr T H Gibbon in the late 1960s (exact date to follow), to a design by Peter Beaven. I was lucky enough to have a look at the property during a recent open day. According to my mother the building has been substantially altered internally from its original form, however it still retains its stable type doors in many places! Externally it appears almost identical to its original form, the weatherboards are testament to that!

  2. Deb Harley Says:

    Hi how much do they want for land and house?

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