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Thank you, Maurice Edward Mahoney.

Bad news. Sad news. The great architect Maurice Mahoney has died in his 90th year. When Maurice teamed up with Miles Warren in 1958 to establish New Zealand’s greatest 20th century design partnership, the two architects were unstoppable. They revolutionised architecture in New Zealand, developing the distinctive ‘Christchurch Style’ which, let’s face it, was the Warren & Mahoney style.

The pair were hugely influential, much imitated and, when all is said and done, unambiguously the best modern architects New Zealand has produced.

Maurice was known for his quiet, calm, determined demeanour, exceptional drawing ability, his Citroen DS, attention to detail, unfailing modesty and Shenandoah beard (not pictured). He was a family man, ceramicist, carpenter, designer and Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM). But above all he was an architect, responsible for producing many of New Zealand’s best 20th century buildings – a fact he would politely deflect, shrug his shoulders and change the subject.

Our sympathies to the Mahoney family, Maurice’s colleagues and to his friend, Sir Miles, who says in his autobiography, “Maurice was much better organised and practical than I – a born maker. I initiated most of the early designs, but Maurice led the making of them; the one process cannot be divided from the other. We were a true partnership.”

Top image
Left: F. Miles Warren; Right: M E Mahoney

M E Mahoney House plans 1966

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