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299 Lake Terrace Rd. Peter Beaven.

Jan 13, 2015

Interesting. An early Peter Beaven design -prior to his Scandinavian phase and long before his ¬†jaunty ‘gothic’ modernism – ¬†uncharacteristically riffing off the international style with a flat roof and living room wall of glass. Sweet, original condition too.

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London N6. Tile Kiln Studios. Peter Beaven.

Sep 22, 2014

Peter Beaven was never conventional: in 1975, aged 50, he disbanded his successful Christchurch practice, packed a suitcase and moved to London where he worked alone from a bedsit. During that time he designed these six houses in the Christchurch Style, evolving ideas he developed a decade earlier in Christchurch’s Tonbridge Mews and Wellington’s Habitat Housing. Bravo.

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895 Cashmere Rd. GH Gould House. Warren & Mahoney.

Oct 06, 2013

This is the second house S’Miles designed for his buddy Garth Gould on a sunny spot above Halswell Quarry. The first house, its neighbour, was sold and subsequently messed with quite a bit, but this one is very original (kitchen and family room aside) with lots of good W&M detail. Garth talks about the old days below.

Nicholas Kennedy.

Holger Henning Hansen

Don Cowey

George Davidson Griffiths (1907-1973)

Peter Beaven.

Paul Pascoe

Warren & Mahoney.

Aug 12, 2008

In a 1966 article on Warren & Mahoney’s work in the British journal Architectural Design, Norman Sheppard wrote of Christchurch: “This city, the most conservative in a fairly conservative country, has in its recent public and domestic buildings shown a direction which, if pursued and developed should make it a concrete example of what current planning and design theories propound.”

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Don Donnithorne

Feb 10, 2008

Don believes his work gives people “relaxation and contentment, not drastic hallucinations”. The aim is to achieve privacy away from the outside world, creating special spaces within the home, which lend to the feeling of a retreat. Don is now well into his 80s, but is happily working and drives around in a Lancia Fulvia Zagato. Respect.

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