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Warren & Mahoney by Duncan Winder.

Sep 15, 2012

One day in 1964 a man called Duncan Winder from Wellington visited Christchurch and took some pictures of Warren & Mahoney residences. That’s pretty much the extent of the story, unless people know more?

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City’s Edge. University of Canterbury 1960 – 1975.

Mar 04, 2012

Yeah, normally we do houses, but it’s a slow month and the University has put up some historical images of their world-class brutalist campus. The designs are mostly by the government Ministry of Works architects, but there’s also some sweeties from Warren & Mahoney, Charles Thomas, and the pick of the bunch, from Hall & Mackenzie. Check it.

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The Elegant Shed. Behind the Garden.

Feb 20, 2012

There aren’t too many TV shows about architecture (it’s boring) and even less about Christchurch (again, nodding off), but in 1984 David Mitchell made a show about both. And it’s excellent. Watch it online at NZ Onscreen, it’s a winner.

For sale. Warren & Mahoney’s best.

Apr 02, 2011

The fine people at Home magazine have published some killer shots (edit – by Paul McCredie) of the MJ Foster house on their blog. Miles, Maurice and the team really excelled themselves on this job. As they did on the Don Forbes house, also currently for sale.

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Brutal Beauty. Artsville on Miles Warren.

Feb 02, 2011

Young Miles was on the telly last Sunday. Artsville ran a profile on the architect and his work. It’s no action thriller, but there’s some great shots of College House and early Christchurch work. Miles himself remains coy.

Watch it on TVNZ while the link lasts.

155 Ashgrove Tce. Architect Unknown.

Oct 27, 2010

Rover parking only in this 1970s mix of Japanese, Scandinavian and Christchurch influences on the Cashmere flats. And if you want a chimney that laughs in the face of earthquakes, here’s your guy.

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Holger Henning Hansen. A profile.

Apr 01, 2010

Karn Henning Hansen remembers her late father in an article written for the local NZIA journal. It’s a good read about a quiet modernist whose architecture focused on the principles of the movement and never the style

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Peter Beaven. An Itinerary.

Aug 21, 2009

Andrew Barrie shas compiled another excellent architectural tour – this time it’s our favourite non-conformist, Peter Beaven. The guide features some of Peter’s key buildings from 1950-70 including a few of the houses featured right here on Christchurch Modern.

Download the guide.

88 Glandovey Rd. Bruce McGowan.

Apr 06, 2009

Two fat ladies – Wobbly wobbly.

Hooray for Super Graphics.

This house was designed by Bruce during a brief period he practised on his own after leaving Warren & Mahoney in mid 60s. He left NZ for the UK in 1970.

Miles: a life in architecture

Mar 05, 2009

Christchurch Art Gallery, 7 March – 14 June 2009.

Miles: a life in architecture will reveal Sir Miles’s contribution to modernist architecture as well as his success as a watercolourist and gardener.

Miles also turns 80 during the exhibition. Happy birthday Sir.

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Miles Warren an Autobiography.

Nov 19, 2008

Like Britney’s mum, Sir Miles pens tell-all book:

“This book is not a solemn treatise on the art of architecture. It is about my life in architecture, about the process of designing and making of buildings, responding to clients and dealing with builders, the tos and fros and the ups and downs, the fun of being an architect.

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5a Snowdon Rd. Forbes House. Warren & Mahoney.

Oct 23, 2008

Designed in 1976 for a wealthy builder, the Forbes House is arguably the grandest of Warren & Mahoney’s residential buildings of the time. The house is formidable: raw, exposed concrete beams dominate, yet it’s elegant and totally cool.

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