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Thank you, Maurice Edward Mahoney.

Nov 01, 2018

Bad news. Sad news. The great architect Maurice Mahoney has died in his 90th year. When Maurice teamed up with Miles Warren in 1958 to establish New Zealand’s greatest 20th century design partnership, the two architects were unstoppable. They revolutionised architecture in New Zealand, developing the distinctive ‘Christchurch Style’ which, let’s face it, was the Warren & Mahoney style.

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68 Merrin St. Macaulay House. Don Cowey

Aug 03, 2016

A low-pitched survivor built in ’69 from Canadian Oregon and trusty concrete blocks in the modern ranch style. ┬áThe interior is a masterclass in spatial arrangement with Don using partial-height walls, glass partitions and his trademark sliding shoji screens.

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Bye Peter Beaven.

Jun 06, 2012

Peter died yesterday and we’re sad. He was a hero to us. He road his bicycle to work every day, answered the office phone himself and designed with extraordinary skill, imagination and purpose. At the age of 86 he was busy: working and telling everybody what he thought, wearing his uniform of white chinos and navy fisherman’s ┬ájumper. “There’s no time to decide what to wear every day”. Until yesterday, Peter was still Christchurch’s best young architect.

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The (almost) definitive W&M pics.

Mar 18, 2011

Since that bastard earthquake local architect Justin has photographed pretty much all of the pre-1980 Christchurch W&M houses. He tells us the missing ones are RC Ballantyne (back section on Glandovey Rd), Hyslop flats, Fox House, Dorset Flats, Dorset Towers and Weston Flats (within the restricted CBD cordon). Quite an effort!

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W&M earthquake casualties

Mar 01, 2011

These are the facts: many of Christchurch’s post-war modernist buildings are badly damaged and will be demolished. Warren & Mahoney’s 1960s houses defined the Christchurch Style and a lot of them are poked:

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Don Cowey.

Feb 26, 2011

We were asked by the Dominion Post for some information on Don. Here’s what I wrote.

I met him just the once. He invited me and my friend Tim to his home. We had a cup of tea and he talked about his career and the houses he designed. He was modest, but proud of his achievements. He spoke kindly about his contemporaries and reverently about Peter Beaven whom he called “the master of space”.

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Earthquakes, we hate you.

Feb 24, 2011

Our thoughts are with everyone in Christchurch affected by the February 22 Earthquake. We’re particularly saddened by the death of Don Cowey, legendary Christchurch architect and all round good guy, who was killed as a result of falling rocks at his Redcliffs home.

This one is going to take a while to get over.

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Lost Property. Auckland Modern.

Nov 28, 2010

For Auckland readers, if there are any, please visit Greg’s new project Lost Property – a site about Auckland’s fast disappearing built and social history. There’s great photos and writing about some of the lesser known and very talented Northerners.

155 Ashgrove Tce. Architect Unknown.

Oct 27, 2010

Rover parking only in this 1970s mix of Japanese, Scandinavian and Christchurch influences on the Cashmere flats. And if you want a chimney that laughs in the face of earthquakes, here’s your guy.

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9 Cracroft Tce. Poore House. Minson, Henning Hansen.

Sep 26, 2010

Great weather over the weekend, perfect for peeking over fences and spotting this T-shape beauty up on the Cashmere Hills. The solid garage door doesn’t feel right, but it’s a remarkably intact, well cared for original home.

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A return to regular programming.

Sep 13, 2010

Yikes! Due to life it’s been a long time between posts, but we’re back.

A few quick W&M things before we get started: Congratulations to Maurice Mahoney who received the Insignia of an Officer of the NZ Order of Merit for services to architecture. Next, the epic 1974 Warren & Mahoney MJ Foster house is for sale. And lastly, you can listen to Miles & Maurice talk about the Christchurch earthquake here.

44e Bowenvale Ave. David Allen.

Feb 04, 2010

We don’t know much about David Allen, but we do know he likes circular windows and this home has a whopper in the living area. The house is oriented toward the garden and has high timber ceilings. Although updated, it still retains a good feel and some nice 70s touches.

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