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We're not architects, we're not historians and we don't know much about anything. However we do like modern houses and Christchurch is a great place for them.
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29 Parklands Dr. James Hanna (Group Planners).

Mar 07, 2010

Arguably the city’s craziest house, a stray shuttlecock, dropped from the sky amidst a street of brick and tile sameness. The level changes are many and it’s a fair assumption that the same architect(s) had a hand in the nearby St Martins Adventist church which displays similar Corbusian flair.

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52 Moncks Spur Rd. James Hanna.

Dec 01, 2008

Great looking, original 1970s house that seems to do it all pretty well. The eye-catching sawtooth roof creates lots of open space and light and the centrepiece stone fireplace oozes mid-century cool.

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