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Tonbridge Mews. Peter Beaven.

Sep 28, 2008

Peter Beaven’s 1974 attempt at ‘village living’ is a good one and still looks tight. He avoids the repetition and uniformity of typical townhouses by varying the design of each home. Porthole windows and intersecting rooflines add some fun.

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100 Office Rd. Warren & Mahoney

Sep 17, 2008

Yes, more Warren & Mahoney white concrete block townhouses from the 60s. This pair look particularly crisp and well cared for. There’s a lot of imitators, some good, some not so, but the originals always look the best. The dark-painted concrete lintel over the lower doors is superb.

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Millbank Lane. Family House. Peter Beaven.

Aug 11, 2008

This beautiful “little house’ was designed by Peter Beaven for himself and his young family in 1962 – although they never moved in. Sited at the end of Millbank Lane at Carlton Mill, it sits on the bank of the Avon River opposite Hagley Park. The 3 bedroom house has been sympathetically updated over the years without losing any of its enduring appeal. A special house.

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