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2 Rhodesvale Tce. Millar House. Roger Walker.

Jan 09, 2009

This home was built in 1983 and is a rare example of a Roger Walker home in Christchurch. Extensive use of lattice, curves and colour mark it as a home of its time and a great example of Walker’s unmistakable style.

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78 Memorial Ave. David Allen.

Jan 03, 2009

Two townhouses designed by the renowned Wellington architect who helped push New Zealand architecture in a new direction during the 1970s. Walker’s style was idiosyncratic and original and recognisable for his use of round windows, “it’s more natural for the human eye to look at a circle”, he says. Designed by David Allen, a contemporary of Walker.

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71 Parklands Dr. David Allen.

Dec 21, 2008

David Allen was a contemporary of Roger Walker and Ian Athfield at the Auckland Architecture School. This idiosyncratic design borrows from, yet rallies against the formal Christchurch style established in the 60s. It looks good.

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