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Brutal Beauty. Artsville on Miles Warren.

Feb 02, 2011

Young Miles was on the telly last Sunday. Artsville ran a profile on the architect and his work. It’s no action thriller, but there’s some great shots of College House and early Christchurch work. Miles himself remains coy.

Watch it on TVNZ while the link lasts.

Miles Warren an Autobiography.

Nov 19, 2008

Like Britney’s mum, Sir Miles pens tell-all book:

“This book is not a solemn treatise on the art of architecture. It is about my life in architecture, about the process of designing and making of buildings, responding to clients and dealing with builders, the tos and fros and the ups and downs, the fun of being an architect.

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Dorset St Flats. Miles Warren.

Aug 10, 2008

These eight flats were produced for three young bachelor owners (including Warren himself), each having one flat to occupy and the others available to rent.

Designed before Warren & Mahoney was officially established, it employs the brutalist ideas Miles Warren brought back from Britain.

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